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Italy Advertising Expenditure Forecast - June 2016 Edition
Italy Advertising Expenditure Forecast - June 2016 Edition

Advertising expenditure projections by media type in Italy
Get to know how advertising is evolving in Italy. This report includes the actual and expected advertising spend by each media type (TV, Radio, Press, Outdoor, Cinema, Internet); it includes advertising spend for the current year, the trend on the previous year, and forecasted trends for next year.

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What's Inside
The report contains a forecast overview on the advertising expenditures in Italy. The forecast information is detailed by media types: Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet, Direct Mail, Radio, Outdoor, Out Of Home TV, Transit and Cinema and it is displayed on current year versus next year.

Note: This Report requires Excel Software to be installed in your system in order to view the contents.

Nielsen Measures Advertising Expenditure based on gross rate-cards across the Italian Market, collected by means of manual monitoring, the use of log files or 3rd party data sources, panels, and crawlers.

We track following media types in Italy, and include these in the report.
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Out of Home
  • Cinema
  • Internet

To evaluate future trends, we use a statistical tool evaluating the advertising expenditure historical trends and macro-economic drivers that influence the advertising market.
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