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Who Buys Children’s Books And Why: Understanding The Most Valuable U.S. Children’s Book Consumers 2015
Who Buys Children’s Books And Why: Understanding The Most Valuable U.S. Children’s Book Consumers 2015

U.S. Children’s Book Buyer Consumer Segmentation
In this report you will find portraits of the four different types of U.S. families who are currently buying children’s books—who they are, what they look like, and how they are engaging with your content.

Who Buys Children’s Books and Why: Understanding The Most Valuable U.S. Children’s Book Consumers 2015 ISBN: 978-1-910284-13-1

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What's Inside
In order to help gain an even deeper understanding of the 0-12 children’s book market, Nielsen conducted a segmentation study to identify how different parts of the children’s book market behaved, which were the most valuable to the publishing industry – and how to target them most effectively.

The study delved into the different attitudes and behaviors of parents in America to examine how these influenced their book buying behavior. What genres and channels do they use most? What sort of messaging would resonate with each segment? What might make them increase their book purchasing? And what can the publishing industry do to help encourage this?
  • Gain a better understanding of the consumer demographics and psychographics of the U.S. Children’s Book Market

  • Discover key information sources and purchase triggers to effectively tailor your efforts to reach your most valuable target

  • Understand how books fit into the overall entertainment landscape for parents and children to identify new business opportunities

Get to know the four consumer segments in the U.S. Children’s Book Market; the Disengaged; the Gamers; the Social Omnivores; and the Avid Readers and learn how to activate your most valuable book buyers with actionable consumer insights.

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The fieldwork was carried out using an online vehicle between July 24, 2015 and July 31, 2015 by Harris Interactive.
  1. For broad data about U.S. Children from birth to 12 and books purchased for these children, we drew on Nielsen’s nationally representative Books & Consumer monthly tracker.

  2. For the individual segmentations, we followed up with a survey of 3,000 parents consisting of 1000 parents of children in each of the following age bands: 0-4; 5-8 and 9-12. Within each age band, we ensured that the sample was balanced to reflect the age and gender mix within each band.

  3. In the case where a parent had a child in more than one age band, they were asked to report for a single child in one age band only.

This insured that answers were accurate, and that behaviors were clearly delineated.

The question set was designed to tease out differentiating behaviors and attitudes among parents and children to enable us to cluster them together in the most like-minded groups.

The results of the survey were analyzed within the following age bands:
  • 0-4 – when parental influence on reading is high for children.

  • 5-8 – when children are beginning to make independent reading choices, but their parents are still influential.

  • 9-12 – when children are much more in control of their own reading activities.
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